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ProjectExplorer allows members of the community a single point to view all of the municipal projects within their community. Often the projects are available in various locations either in multiple locations on the municipalities’ website or in hard copy documents within the various offices of the municipality. Having no central location that lists all the projects makes it extremely difficult for citizen to understand what is taking place in their community.

ProjectExplorer is a simple web application that puts the details of each and every project at the fingertips of the public. The application is designed for viewing on a smartphone, tablet, portable or desktop computer and is equally usable on all devices.

ProjectExplorer isn’t just for cites; it can be used for towns, council districts, school districts, counties, states, federal agencies, transportation authorities and any other organizations that want to share information with the public. You can share project details or just information that is important to the people you serve.


Flexible, Responsive Layout

Cross Browsers Compatible

Smartphone and Tablet Friendly

Simple to use Interface

Easy to Maintain by Staff

Low Cost of Ownership

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ProjectExplorer Main Page on Computer Screen

Clean Concise Layout

The user interface for ProjectExplorer is clean and simple to navigate. The color and layout is customizable to fit your specific needs. Match the color scheme you already have in place for brand recognition.

Simple Administration

ProjectExplorer was designed to be as easy for staff to update as a typical social media website. There is no need for technical staff to enter or update items.

ProjectExplorer Details

Full Item Detail

All of the important details are right at the fingertips of your users. The details include a description, location map, address, social media share buttons and images of the project.

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